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"Ricchi di spunti e suggerimenti decorativi, i vaghireh sono oggetti di grande fascino, il cui ruolo nella evoluzione della tessitura in Oriente è stato spesso molto importante."
Taher Sabahi fell in love with Italy in 1961. As often happens, it all began with a chance occurrence: an unplanned delay at Rome airport whilst travelling to Chicago to join the medicine faculty, a meeting with an old school friend, the decision to spend a few days in Perugia, and then the appeal of Turin during the celebrations of Italia '61. It was love at first sight: fascinated by Turin, by the charm of its squares, Taher Sabahi responded to its welcome by bringing the magic of Oriental rugs to the city. The history of his gallery began then: a little student and a little dealer, he opened his first shop in via Po. Slowly, he began to feel the blood of his grandfather, Mohammad Ali, a merchant from the Caucasus whose caravans loaded with goods and rugs used to follow the shores of the Black Sea to Europe, coursing through his veins. This marked the start of a story that saw the opening of the various galleries in Piedmont one after the other, but it has also seen years of study and research. Today, dott. Sabahi is the author of authoritative texts on the art of the rug and of textiles, and an accredited lecturer and conference speaker around the world. He is the publisher of Ghereh, International Carpet & Textile Review, a quarterly publication offered in two editions, Italian and English, available by subscription, in specialised bookshops and in the world�s most prestigious museums []. He is a Court expert for the art of rugmaking and is a permanent member of the committee of experts of the I.C.O.C., the most prestigious international organisation in the field of the textile arts.
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