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"Taher Sabahi è da anni un sicuro punto di riferimento per gli appassionati e i collezionisti, e per chi desidera acquistare un tappeto in piena sicurezza."
Museo Director: Farian Sabahi.
For the last floor of the gallery, we have reserved a special space for exhibition rugs of extraordinary history and manufacture, belonging to the private collection of Taher Sabahi, to museums and to other Italian and foreign collectors.
Accompanied by technical information sheets, the museum is laid out to enable visitors to enjoy these works in an appealing setting. The temperature and lighting in the museum are adjusted to prevent any damage to the articles and to highlight their details.
The explanatory panels introduce the visitor to the "Symbols and seductions in an antique art" and describe the characteristics of the objects and rugs presented. The precious rugs on display on a rotating basis in the museum rooms illustrate the long history of weaving and document the religious beliefs and decorative taste of the most exotic nomadic and settled Oriental populations.
Museo del tessitore, sala principaleMuseo del tessitore, auditoriumMuseo del tessitore, entrataMuseo del tessitore, tappetoMuseo del tessitore, sala principale
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