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"...Il palazzo è ampio cento piedi e tanto è grande il tappeto che vedi. Lane colorate vi ho intessuto in abbondanza, e simulano dei fiori colori e fragranza. Il suo manto orno di fiori a cento a cento eppur par leggero, da volare nel vento."
Editor Gholam Hossein Salemi, Tehran, Iran
Five Centuries of Carpet Weaving in KERMAN
Editor Gooya Tehran, Iran
Editor Gooya Tehran, Iran
SHAHSAVAN - An overview of the Hand-Woven Carpets by Shahsavan Nomads
Editor Gholam Hossein Salemi, Tehran Iran
L'Arte del tappeto d'Oriente KILIM.Tessuti piani d'Oriente
Electa 2007/2009
L'Arte del tappeto d'oriente
Electa, 2007
Electa, Milano 2009
TULU. Long-pile Rugs of Central Anatolia
Cato Editore, Turin, 1997
CHINA Antique Rugs of the Celestial Empire
Poligrafiche Bolis, Bergamo 1998
Tappeti d'Oriente
1988 - Istituto Geografico De Agostini
KILIM. Tappeti piani del Caucaso
Istituto Geografico De Agostini, Novara 1990
ORIENTTEPPICHE - Kaukasische Flachgewebe
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Splendeur des Tapis d'Orient
Atlas, Paris, France 1987
Edizioni del Capricorno, 2006
KERMAN. Cinque secoli di tappeti a Kerman
Edizioni del Capricorno, 2006
CAVALIERI D'ORIENTE. Horse and saddle covers
Leonardo- De Luca Editori, Roma 1991
SUMAKH. Tappeti piani a trama avvolta
Leonardo - De Luca Editori, Roma 1992
TIBET Rugs from the Roof of the World
Cato editore, 2000
SAMARKANDA. Carpets from the Silk Road
Tipografia Rumor Editrice. Vicenza 1995
ABC del tappeto orientale
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Istituto Geografico De Agostini, Novara 1989
Shahsavan Jajim
Musumeci Editore, Quart (AO), 1998
Five Centuries of Carpet Weaving in KERMAN
Taher Sabahi - Editor Gooya Tehran, Iran
In English and Farsi, hardcover, pp 470
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The name Kerman immediately brings to mind the splendor offspring, a flowery hodgepodge of differently-coloured wools knotted together to create flower-beds,trees, rose gardens. this is the miracle worked by skilled and patient weavers, for remote Kerman, already mentioned by Marco Polo in the 13th century for the quality of its yarn and legendary abilities of the local rug-makers, lies at the edge of one of the world's most arid deserts. And yet its rugs are the most flowery of all the Orient, as though the master weavers wished to strike out the sad monochrome and desolation of the landscape around the town by creating rugs that are full of light, joyous colors and a thousand flowers and essence. Because of this features that makes them unique, the rugs of Kerman are known and loved both in Persia and abroad, where they are often taken as being the symbol the most traditional Persian production.
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