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"...Il palazzo è ampio cento piedi e tanto è grande il tappeto che vedi. Lane colorate vi ho intessuto in abbondanza, e simulano dei fiori colori e fragranza. Il suo manto orno di fiori a cento a cento eppur par leggero, da volare nel vento."

An international magazine dedicated to rugs and textiles. Founded 17 years ago, Ghereh has become a regular meeting place for rug enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Publishing the texts of widely-acclaimed international experts, it has gained a reputation as one of the main forums for the debate about Oriental textile arts. Ghereh is distributed throughout the world: from Australia to Japan, and from India to North America and all of Europe. Among the subscribers to Ghereh are the most important institutions dedicated to rugs and textiles, such as the Textile Museum of Washington and the Carpet Museum of Tehran, together with leading auction houses (Christie's and Sotheby's in primis), which see the Review as an important source for information and documentation. The subscribers and regular readers include many professionals from the sector, for whom Ghereh has become an important work tool. Most of those who have gained a great affection for Ghereh, however, are collectors and enthusiasts of works of art who are strongly attracted to the East and the ancient art of rug-making, and who themselves aspire to become connoisseurs in the field. In each issue of Ghereh, which is published quarterly, there are at least four major articles focusing on the most topical and fascinating areas of research in the field of weaving and knotting, each accompanied by fine illustrations. These are articles of great scientific value, often later cited in the publications of other authors around the world. Every issue also includes news from the rug and textiles world: announcements and reports of exhibitions and conferences, interviews with the protagonists, book reviews. Also worth noting is the survey of auctions and top lots from around the world: a useful source of information for readers intending to enrich their own collection of antique textiles and rugs, For those who work in the world of rugs, textiles and luxury articles, it is possible to reserve some advertising pages. Published in both Italian and English editions, Ghereh is an important venue for the rug world, one in which many leading galleries, auction houses and international fairs have found space and visibility for years. For more information, the simplest way to contact us is via our e-mail address: Alternatively, you may call us on:

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